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“Bodies in Motion” Jumpstarts Our 2021

Our staff is constantly adding variety to our health and fitness options, adapting to the changing population of our residents.

For 2021, we’ve introduced Bodies in Motion. It’s our newest activity-rehab exercise program and has proven to be fun, energizing and uplifting.

Offered three times a week in our dining room, the program is getting rave reviews from our residents who are thoroughly enjoying the COVID-safe time together “in motion.”

We’ve been having some extra fun with our parachute workout. Residents hold on to the handles of the parachute and use their arms to bring it up and down … or to shake it vigorously to make waves. Sometimes, we pop a few balloons in the center of the parachute which we try to keep bouncing.

Pictured here are class participants “in motion” with our upper body parachute workout.

At Hattie Ide Chaffee, we understand that active minds and bodies, fresh and appetizing food, and meticulously clean spaces are vital to the health and safety of our residents and their families.

To learn more, reach out to our Deborah Griffin, our firm administrator, at 401.434.1520 or via email at


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